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I am a 30 year old programmer from South Africa. I have always loved
languages, but over the last few years I have been learning german.
Recently I discovered conlanging and Atlaans is my work towards not
only playing around with germanic languages, but also learning more
about my german heritage.

Atlaans is spoken on the planet Erd. This planet is remarkably similar
to our own, except that Atlantis really exists. Atlantis had, and
still has, a great impact on this world, enough so that all languages
on Erd are derived from some sort of Atlantean language.
The languages on Erd are very similar to those on English, but they
also contain many different languages, such as the official language
of the Atlantean Republic, Atlaans, which is related to English,
German, Dutch and Afrikaans.
It took me about a week to come up with the grammar for Atlaans (since
I just modified german grammar) and I have been building on it ever
I love High Valyrian, Klingon, Esperanto, Interlingua and Elvish.

I find Italian, German and Old English to be especially beatiful
languages. They have an awesome sound and rhythm to them, and I can't get enough of hearing them.

E-mail: rolfweimar@gmail.com
Youtube: youtube.com/user/stevedeavocadoeer



De Turm von Babel - Atlaans

Nu de gansa weld hab een spraak en een gemeenda aksent.
As looda oos bewech, esse find een ruksha in Shinar en siedel dord.
Esse saach su mekaar, "Kom, lass un bousteenen machen, en esse gans doych bakken"
Esse benoot bausteen instatt von steen en teer voor morser. Dan esse
saach, "Kom mal, lass uns een staad bouen, mit een turm das bis in de himmel reech, so dass we kan uns ruum machen; sonda we wou serstreet over de gesich von de gansa aard"

Aver de Heer kom runna om de staad su sienen en de turm das de looda bou. De Heer saach, "Ob as een volk das de selber spraak praat esse begin das su dun, dan ken esser plan wou unmooklich voor essech. Kom, lass uns runna gaanen en verwirr esser praat so dass esse wou niet mekaar verstaan"

Dan de Herr serstreet essech von dord over de gansa weld, en esse is
das bouen von de staad stopd. Deshalb ar es Babel nennd - weel da de Heer verwirr de spraak von de gansa weld. Von dord de Heer serstreet essech over de gesich das gansa aard



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atemwerft Augsburg, Germany

Atemwerft releases Vocal Arts & Sound Poetry, Scat / Impro / Loop Singing, Throatism, Breathmusic, Tonguetango.
Voice & breath. Mouthy stuff.
Scream. Invent. Breathe. Whisper. Kiss.
Redefine. Reclaim Sound.
We're a netlabel, but we do make neat cdrs.
No, we don't release customary slam poetry. We're not mainstream. Yes, you may send us spoken word, but it has to be kinky, adventurous and musical.
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