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I am a languages teacher and translator by profession, and a wandering traveller and autodidact by inclination, who currently lives in Extremadura, Spain, but I've also worked in the UK, France and China. In my free time, I’m also a musician, photographer, travel writer and playwright. I’ve been interested in creating languages and worlds for as far back as I can remember - most of the languages I create come from Lorech, a world I've been creating for almost sixteen years. When asked why I create languages, the analogy that comes to mind is that of a painter - surrounded by the beauty of our world to the extent that they are motivated to create their own images thereof. Instead of paint, we use sounds and words. I have been captivated by the beauty and diversity of our world's languages since I was a child - conlanging is my way mixing colours and shades to create a new picture that corresponds to my concept of beauty and phonoæsthetics.

June 2015 will mark the 13th anniversary of the Celinese language. Whilst I have created other conlangs, it is this language that is most dear to me, given the amount of time that I have spent shaping it, learning it and tea ching it to others. It is an a priori language - that is to say, it does not derive from any language of our world - but æsthetically, it was influenced greatly by the Celtic languages, particularly Welsh. Grammatically, it shares some traits with Celtic languages too, such as initial consonant mutation and inflected prepositions. It is the language of the Commonwealth of Elitho, amongst other nations of that world, and one of Lorech's linguæ francæ. Over the years, I have translated hundreds of poems and songs into the language, as well as a few screenplays and short stories. In 2015, the third edition of the Lechlyfir go g-Celínec will be coming out, with roughly 20,000 words and definitions. I also plan to produce another compendium of Celinese literature and an encyclopædia of Lorech, but the latter may take quite some time! It is one of the languages in which I think and dream, and every hour dedicated to sculpting the language has been worth it for how much it has enriched my daily life.

There are hundreds of languages I find beautiful, but if I have to restrict myself to three:
Welsh - One of the first foreign languages I was exposed to; I wouldn’t change a thing about this beautiful, expressive language which has a special place in my heart.
Hungarian - I love all Finno-Ugric languages, but Hungarian is my favourite - a soft and subtle language for lullabies and hushed prayers.
Seri - I fell in love instantly with this rich and unique Mexican language isolate; who could not love a language whose word for newspaper is “paper that tells lies?”

www.facebook.com/celinot - I update this FB page frequently with translations, concultural information and images of my world. Features Celinese and other Lorechian languages
celinese.tumblr.com - Similar, but on Tumblr.
celinese.weebly.com - A site for learning Celinese.
linguifex.com/wiki/Celinese - A linguistic description of the language.
db.tt/nnXJ6aqm - The second edition of the bilingual English-Celinese dictionary, with roughly 13k entries.
ethol.us/en.html - A searchable English to Celinese dictionary
ethol.us/ce.html - A searchable Celinese to English dictionary.

E-Mail: aequinox@cheerful.com



Torn go Bawylím

1 Anois, ainh celín cêsyreg maloío lorech codac. 2 Elor lo leicoth draifoín leuthain, lofoldír na Sínar trofoín, ar naint nesochoín.
3 Lo r-elon tyrthoín, «Aithrúot, teglosain fúm ar seith dofyn naichúm.» Teglosain naloith pethor, ar osmol naloith myrthis ichroín. 4 Eofnír tyrthoín: «Aithrúot, dothyr athlë eðelúm, cé d-torn, ðéðo lo g-Celest raichúo, ceðo aısoê saithúm. Air, doirs fysog go lorech tafarí fyðín.»
5 Mair terochoío an g-Cyrio; ceðo r-athlë ar torn, ðéðo eðeloín leuthain, nyrí polúo. 6 Tyrthoío an g-Cyrio: «Ôn, elth ainh lauth ðéðo celín gleig sé fí ilðún, nothlío beth angweneg ðéðo glysín. 7 Ðo terochúm, ar so g-celín arbachúm, ceðo elon né geraní fyðún.»
8 Path, onaint seith tafaroío doirs lorech an g-Cyrio, ar staðoío eðeloê go r-athlë. 9 Sío neıs raithín go so r-ethol, Bawylím; erin celín go lorech codac arbathoío an g-Cyrio. Onaint, seith tafaroío doirs fysog go lorech codac an g-Cyrio.



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atemwerft Augsburg, Germany

Atemwerft releases Vocal Arts & Sound Poetry, Scat / Impro / Loop Singing, Throatism, Breathmusic, Tonguetango.
Voice & breath. Mouthy stuff.
Scream. Invent. Breathe. Whisper. Kiss.
Redefine. Reclaim Sound.
We're a netlabel, but we do make neat cdrs.
No, we don't release customary slam poetry. We're not mainstream. Yes, you may send us spoken word, but it has to be kinky, adventurous and musical.
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