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After studying languages at Orleans University, then at the Sorbonne and at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, I obtained the “Agrégation” diploma in English. I speak French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, modern Greek and have a working knowledge of Russian… Today, I teach English in a Chartres college. Parallel to my training as a linguist, my travels throughout Europe, Senegal, the Maghreb, Egypt, Mexico, the USSR, Vietnam and the West Indies, together with a passion for languages, led me to create Uropi, on which I have been working for over 30 years; I became interested in conlanging when I discovered in a dictionary that Indo-European languages had a common origin and common root-words. I thought it to be a terrible waste that most people should ignore this, and creating a conlang would be a simple way to acquaint people with it. I’m 56 years old.

Unlike many other I.A.L's, Uropi is a really international language, in so far as it has been created from the roots which are common to Indo-European languages. A Uropi word may be akin to corresponding terms in as many as 27 modern (or ancient) Indo-European languages. The basic vocabulary is made up of 500 common Indo-European root words; these roots can be combined with each other to form compounds or with affixes to create new words. Uropi also includes all the words that have become international, like for ex. princìp, sistèm, regìm, republik, simtòm, situasiòn, protesto, fotò, dialòg, dialèkt… Uropi is a simple language: it’s grammar boils down to a simplified English grammar; it’s pronunciation is close to that of Italian. Crash courses have shown that you can acquire a working knowledge of Uropi within 80 hours.
The name Uropi used to mean « European »; it no longers does in Uropi, but it does in Maori. Uropi was made public in the late 80’s, & early 90’s. Articles were published in the European press (the Guardian, Libération, Frankfurter Rundschau, la Stampa, Komsomol-skaïa Pravda, Kepes Hét, Svêt v Obrazech, etc…). Exhibitions took place in France, Germany and Italy. Apart from this, I quite like Jean Pirro’s Universalglot, Arturo Alfandari’s Neo and Otto Jespersen’s Novial.

I’m a language lover, so I find all languages interesting and beautiful. I like Italian and Greek because I often travel in these countries, I like German because i have friends in Speyer, Spanish because my wife is from Andalusia…

E-mail: ur-kreator@wanadoo.fr
Uropi websites:
uropi.free.fr   (official website)
uropi.canalblog.com  (Uropi blog where you can read articles in 3 languages: Uropi, French, English)
sites.google.com/site/uropivarkia/  (Uropi Portàl)
sites.google.com/site/uropivordar/  (dictionary and grammar)
groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/uropi_varkia/info  (Uropi Yahoo group)
www.facebook.com/groups/uropi/   (Uropi Facebook group)
uropi.wikia.com/wiki/Uropi_Wiki   (Uropi wiki)
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uropi   (on Wikipedia)



Geniz 11, 1-9
De Babeli Tor
Davos tali mold avì un uni linga id komùn voke. Wan de liente muvì do ost, lu findì u plania in Senar id stalì sia za.
Lu dezì a unaltem, "Item, makem brike id pekem la bun in furne. "Lu uzì brike wim kame, id tarn wim cemènt. Pos lu dezì, "Item, struem u pol po na, ki u hol tor we ve atogo hele, pote nu moz vido famos id po ne vido dissprajen tra tal mold."
Davos de SIR itì niz od hele po vizo de pol id de tor wen humane sì struan. De SIR dezì: "Zi se lu, un uni polk vokan de som linga, lu av inizen li vark id tal wa lu ve plano ve so anmozli stopo. Sim item niz id permicem li linga pote lu incèp ne unaltem."
Sim de SIR dissprajì la od za tra tal mold id lu stopì struo de pol. Pardà de pol vidì nomen Babel, par de SIR permicì de linga tali moldi id od za de SIR dissprajì la tra tali ter.



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atemwerft Augsburg, Germany

Atemwerft releases Vocal Arts & Sound Poetry, Scat / Impro / Loop Singing, Throatism, Breathmusic, Tonguetango.
Voice & breath. Mouthy stuff.
Scream. Invent. Breathe. Whisper. Kiss.
Redefine. Reclaim Sound.
We're a netlabel, but we do make neat cdrs.
No, we don't release customary slam poetry. We're not mainstream. Yes, you may send us spoken word, but it has to be kinky, adventurous and musical.
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